From Etsy buy jewelry which is customized according to liking of your mother

Custom jewelry - Unveiling the most perfect Mother's Day gift

Today I will unveil the most perfect gift for mom from Etsy and you will also be happy about the perfect decision you will make after reading this blog.

The most perfect gift in my opinion from Etsy which you can order is custom jewelry. Jewelry items are the most searched, ordered and bought items from Etsy. Furthermore, unique and affordable jewelry pieces always make the Etsy Best Seller list. There are artists on Etsy which can personalize jewelry according to your liking and custom make the design you intend.

Following are five Etsy shops and ideas which can create custom jewelry especially for your mother

1.Combined Birth Flower Bouquet Necklace 

This jewelry item combines birth flowers of family members and shapes into a beautiful bouquet in the form of a pendent. The final jewelry piece not only honors your mother but also your siblings.

Combined Birth Flower Bouquet Necklace by Etsy shop LENOSHEM

2.Engraved Birth Flower jewellery Box

The jewelry gift is always complimented with a beautiful jewelry box and if the box is also personalized with the name of the recipient then the gifting process becomes more enjoyable. These small jewelry boxes are adorable and can be engraved with the desired text and image.

Engraved Birth Flower jewellery Box by Etsy shop Lamoriea


3.Birth Stone Ring 

The ring can be personalized by choosing birthstones for your siblings, family members and your mother. The material of the ring can also be selected according to liking of your mother.

Birth Stone Ring by Etsy shop Miela Jewelry


4.Engraved Oval Necklace with photos

The necklace can be fully customized by choosing the quote or monogram of your choice. Moreover, the pictures can also be send to the Etsy shop and they will incorporate these in the pendent.

Engraved Oval Necklace with photos by Etsy shop AnyaShopStudio


5. Mother of pearl Mama necklace

The necklace can be personalized by selecting letters and length of the necklace. The mother of pearl letters looks not only unique but also elegant just perfect for wearing in the office.

Mother of pearl Mama necklace by Etsy shop GinzaFashionsLLC



A pendent, necklace or earrings which are custom made for your mother from Etsy artists will help celebrate the occasion and also will create cherished memories.  The personalized gifts show the thoughtfulness and care you have put into acquiring a unique gift just for mom. Finally, as always I will advice that in order to receive the gift on time please check the lead times and shipping duration of the jewelry you have ordered.

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