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Lovely Valentine’s Day press on nails from Etsy

Look your best on upcoming Valentine Day and get the nails of your dreams. On Etsy you can get one of a kind or personalized press on nails. If your nails are broken or have undesirable appearance all can be fixed with press on nails. Also, by wearing unique nails you can express yourself and your feelings towards Valentine’s Day.  There are many types of artificial nails available on Etsy including various shapes, sizes, colors and styles. The nails can be cut, shaped and filed into the desired form. There are also kits available with UV light for curing nail polishes and finished artwork. The design available in the shops are unlimited in styles such as Floral, marble, pierced nails, beaded, dip powder, polka dots, hearts, and metallic colors. Furthermore, the Graphic design includes animal print most sought-after are cow and leopard. Some sellers also have nails with quotes with unique typography added to the designs. Glow in the dark nails are also available with full designs or part of a design in the form of decal which emits light in the dark.

Click the following link and it will open the collection page on Etsy specific for Valentines themed nails.


To perfect your look for Valentine’s Day there are many press on nails, kits and nail accessories available on Etsy.  Add and match the nails your heart desires to your final look for Valentine’s Day. Show off your personality and express yourself with the color and shape of your chosen nails. 


Pillow talk Collection- dip powder

Etsy Seller – CNDesignerDips

Love Letter Collection

Etsy Seller – CNDesignerDips



Pierced Red Nails by ESZakka

Etsy Seller – ESZakka

Pink Valentine's Day Press on Nails with Lips and Crystals

Etsy Seller- ExPressNails



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